Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha

  • Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1958
  • Intermediate and secondary schools in Riyadh from the Scientific Institute of Forensic Sciences and Arabic
  • Degree in Arabic Language and Literature (1982)
  • Master's degree in Islamic Studies (2004)
  • Doctorate degree in Islamic culture in (2009)

  • Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions
  • The Message of Islam
  • Human Rights in Islam And Common Misconceptions
  • Islamic Perspective on Sex
  • The Beginning and The End
  • The Purity
  • Hisn al-Mu'min “The Fortification of the Believer”
  • The Key to Understanding Islam
  • Muhammad The Messenger of God
  • My First Steps in Islam
  • The Key to Happiness
  • Islam is the Religion of Peace
  • Every Religious Innovation is a Means of Misguidance
  • Bilal the Abyssinian – One Light, Many Colors
  • Islamic Viewpoint on Racism

Riyadh, 11535 P.O. Box 59565
Email: alsheha@yahoo.com

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